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300ft Offshore Vessel
Year Built: by North American Fabricators. Clear Deck: 223 ft. x 50 ft. 7 in. (67.97 m x 15.42 m). Cargo Deck Area: 11,280 sq. ft. (1,047.95 sq. m). Deck Strength: 1,200 lb/sq. ft. (5,615.88 kg/sq. m). Deadweight Tonnage: 5,004.71 LT (5,084.79 MT). CAPACITIES: Fuel Oil: 272,983 gals. (1033.35 cu. m), Ballast: 321,265.2 gals. (1216.12 cu. m), Potable Water: 32,998 gals. (124.9 cu. m), Dry Bulk: 11,440 cu. ft. @ 80 psi (323.94 cu. m @ 5.5 bars), Liquid Mud (Dedicated); 3,294.2 barrels (523.74 cu. m), Liquid Mud/Recovered Oil: 12,349.2 barrels (1,963.4 cu. m), Service Tanks: Eleven (11) x 13,481.... read more

Length: 91.44m
Location: USA
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280ft PSV
Vessel Type: PSV - Platform Supply Vessel, Vessel Class: OSV - Offshore Supply Vessel. Shipyard: North American Fabricators. Flag: US. Clear Deck: 201 ft x 50.5 ft (61.27m x 15.40m). Cargo Deck Area: 10,151 ft2. (943 m2). Deck Strength: 1,200 lb/ft2 (5,858 kg/m2). Deck Cargo Capacity: 2,600 LT (2,641.7 MT) @ 3' VGD Above Main Deck. Deadweight Tonnage: 4,734.69 LT (4,812.03 MT). ABS: (DPS - 2). ABS. USCG. SOLAS. MARPOL. Tuggers; Two. Two (2) x Passive Type Anti-Roll Tanks. Deck Crane. Main Engines: Two (2) x C-280-8 Caterpillar (CAT) Diesel Engines @ 3,299 HP Each. Bow Thruster. Stern Thru... read more

Length: 85.34m
Location: USA
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280ft PSV
Platform Supply Vessel - Offshore Supply Vessel. Built: 2008, Converted/Modified: 2019. Shipyard: North American Fabricators. Flag: U.S. ABS. USCG. SOLAS. MARPOL. DPS-2. Deck Crane. Main Engines: Two (2) x Caterpillar C280-8 3,299 HP each. Bow Thrusters. Stern Thruster. Swing Down Combination Thruster. Speed: 13 knots. Accommodations: 29 Bunks... read more

Length: 85.34m
Location: USA
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276ft AHTSV
AHTS - Anchor Handling Supply Vessel. Built by North American Shipbuilding. Clear Deck: 141 ft. x 50 ft. (43 m x 15.24 m). Cargo Deck Area: 7,050 sq. ft. (655 sq. m). Deck Cargo Capacity: 1,350 LT (1,371.66 MT). Deadweight Tonnage: 4,612 LT (4,686 MT). ABS: DPS-2. USCG: Subchapter L (OSV). SOLAS. MARPOL. Two 3616 CAT Diesels, 15,200 BHP. Two (2) x 4,000 mm dia. C.P. in nozzles. ACCOMMODATIONS: 41... read more

Length: 84.12m
Location: USA
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220ft OSV
Clear Deck: 44.20 m x 14.02m (145’ x 46’). Clear Deck Area: 619.66 m2 (6,670 sq. ft.). Deck Cargo Capacity: 1,524.07 MT (1,500 LT). Deadweight Tonnage: 2,464.93 MT (2,426 LT). Main Engines: 2x 3516 CAT Diesels, 3,200 BHP. Bow Thrusters: 1x 1,280 HP Dropdown, Bow Thrusters: 1x 340 HP CP Tunnel, Stern Thrusters: 2x Ulstein 1,350 HRV, 1,600 HP. Speed: 14.2 Knots . SPECIAL FEATURES: Tuggers: Two (2) x 4 Tons, Positioning: DP-2, Ship Motion: 2X Passive Type Anti-Roll Tanks, Bilge Keels. Crane: One (1) 3,100 lb. SWL Hydraulic Deck Crane. ABS. USCG. ACCOMMODATIONS: 31.... read more

Length: 67.6m
Location: USA
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2001 OFFSHORE Supply and Support Vessel For Sale
DO0170 OFFSHORE Supply and Support Vessel For Sale - FROM DIRECT OWNERS - ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Abs load line, USCG sub chapter L. All certs up to date. Reported to be in very good condition. Last dry dock Feb 2019. EEP Certified for 75 persons Actual deck size: 27.43 x 9.14 Deck Cargo 330 Long Tons Offshore Limit 200 MI Fuel capacity when utilizing Liquid Mud Tanks: 306 m3 Lube Oil : 1.51 m3 Liquid Mud: 0.16 m3 Sewage: 4.16 m3... read more

Length: 45.72m
Location:South Carolina USA
Price: $2,000,000
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194ft FSV
Shipyard: Breaux Brothers Enterprises. Clear Deck: 132 ft. x 24 ft. 6 in. (40.23 m x 7.62 m). Clear Deck: 184 ft. (56.08 m). Deck Cargo Capacity; 380 LT (386.10 MT). Deadweight Tonnage: 456 LT (463.32 MT). CAPACITIES: Fuel Oil: 34,000 gals. (128.70 m3), Ballast: 63,500 gals. (234.7 m3), Potable Water: 900 gals. (3.41 m3), Lube Oil: 350 gals. (1.32 m3), Waste Oil/Bilge Oil: 700 gals. (2.65 m3). Main Engines: Four (4) 3512C CAT Diesels, 3,620 BHP. Auxiliary Engine: One (1) CAT C9, 503 BHP. Bow Thrusters: Two (2) 200 HP Thrustmaster 30TT200-AL Tunnels. Speed: 27 knots. DP 2. CLASSIFICATION: ABS. ... read more

Length: 59.13m
Location: USA
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194' 5,500 HP AHST Support
DESCRIPTION This is a 194’ AHST built in 2005. It is Bureau Veritas Class. It has twin Caterpillar Diesels for 5,550 horsepower developing 60 metric ton bollard pull. There is 360 square meters of clear deck space and 1,450 metric tons deadweight. The ship is FIFI equipped. There are 14 cabins for up to 42 crew plus a hospital. The ship is very well equipped for towing, anchor handling and support operations. The ship is well priced and represents an excellent investment opportunity. GENERAL INFORMATION Type: AHST Year Built: 2005 Country Built: China LOA: 59 m/1... read more

Length: 194'
Location:New York USA
Price: $1,300,000
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Posted: 2 months ago

This 177' Offshore Support Vessel (OSV) is intended for operation including helicopter landing and storage, tender storage and deployment, fuel and provisions storage, and passenger transfer. It operates with a crew of 13. Additional information and plans available upon request.... read more

Length: 54.40m
Location: USA
Price: $32,000,000
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Posted: 4 months ago

This is a 215’ Dive Salvage Support Vessel built at Halter Marine in 1978. It was originally built as an offshore supply vessel for oil rig work in the Gulf of Mexico. It has since been modified with special equipment to make it an effective and capable Dive Salvage Support Vessel. It has a powerful 40 ton deck crane, , 4-Point Mooring System, ROV, support boat, 2 x 20’ containers on deck, RIB and a wide range of miscellaneous salvage, dive and lift equipment. There are accommodations for 16. The vessel has long range and multi-purpose capability.It has been laid up for a few year... read more

Length: 215'
Location:Massachusetts USA
Price: $375,000
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Posted: 5 months ago

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