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MAIN DIMENSIONS LENGTH OVERALL (LOA): 286.3 ft BREADTH (MOLDED): 50 ft DRAUGHT (MAXIMUM): 13.5 ft GROSS TONNAGE: 5954 ITC NET TONNAGE: 1486 ITC AIR DRAFT: 96.5 ft SPEED AND CONSUMPTION IN PORT: 4 ton/day MANEUVERING SPEED: 7 ton/day FULL SPEED: 17 ton/day FUEL QUALITY: MGO Sulphur < 1.5% MGO Sulphur < 1% in designated SECAs(or other as required by local regulation) TANK CAPACITY HFO: NA MGO: 248.70 m3 L.O: 12.39 m3 FRESH WATER: 255.44 m3 CONDENSATE: 36.91 m3 BALLAST WATER: 218.40 m3 FIXED BALLAST: 160.00 ton approx, Mud & Pig iron SEWAGE: 101.42 m3 DIRTY O... read more

Length: 286' 3"
Location:Florida USA
Price: $25,000,000
Contact:Offshore Solutions Unlimited
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Posted: 6 days ago

This 275’ Cruise Ship was built in Florida, USA, in 1988 specifically for coastal cruising. It is able to maneuver in secluded waterways and go to small ports that are often inaccessible to larger vessels. It is American-flagged and can operate domestically in the US. 130 guests in 65 exterior cabins can be accommodated, and the dining room is large enough to accommodate all of the passengers at one sitting. The vessel features a forward observation lounge, walk-around promenade deck and all-outside cabins with wonderful views of the locations visited. The cabins are very comfortab... read more

Length: 275'
Price: $6,000,000
Contact:Lager Yacht Brokerage
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Location: USA
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Posted: 22 days ago

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This Boutique / Expedition Cruise Ship has vista-view wrap around windows in the dining room and lounge for the best daytime sightseeing in canals and other inland waterways. The Ship is equipped with a unique, retractable pilothouse for passage under low bridges on inland waterways. Extendable bow ramp, together with the shallow draft, makes it possible to cruise right up to beaches or into hard-to-reach destinations so that passengers can disembark directly on shore. Separate cabin air-conditioning ducting with push button cabin temperature controls. Stern swimming platform. Stair li... read more

Length: 177' 3"
Location:Eastern Seaboard Rhode Island USA
Contact:Ship World Brokerage
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Posted: 22 days ago

This is a recent build 291’ USA-built Cruise Ship. It is very tastefully appointed with 110 passenger cabins, most of which are outboard facing. The vessel has full guest amenities. It is in excellent condition, fully equipped and in active operational condition. The propulsion and power generating machinery are fully Caterpillar and provide reliable and very fuel efficient operation. Photographs and information are available on request.... read more

Length: 291'
Price: $29,000,000
Contact:Lager Yacht Brokerage
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Location: USA
ID: 254492 (Trade)
Posted: 5 months ago

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